10 kate spade saturday items to snag while you can

it's the end of an era.

photo via kate spade

Bad news for everyone who likes to wear bright, joy-inducing prints: Yesterday, Kate Spade announced that it will be shutting down all 19 Kate Spade Saturday stores. And yes, twee tears were shed across the nation. 

Luckily, the clothing and accessories brand will not be demolishing the KSS brand completely. While they'll gradually close down storefronts over the next six months, they will keep the e-commerce site active. After that, they will incorporate Saturday's merchandise into Kate Spade New York stores. 
Still, it feels like it's the end of an era (albeit one that has only lasted two years). So to commemorate one of our favorite accessible brands, we rounded up 10 must-have Kate Spade Saturday items. Click through the gallery to check them out.