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    Presenting: The 2015 Nylon Beauty Awards

    the best of the best products in face, hair, nails, and more

    by jade taylor September 23, 2015

    Photographed by Daria Ritch

    Considering that I'm the only person who's worked on every, single one of our beauty awards, to say our fourth annual awards mean a lot to me is a total understatement. And talk about the pressure: What do I do to make this one different? What girl(s) do I feature? Which products are going to win?! 

    I started with the concept first: I was inspired by school superlatives (I won "Most Unique" back in my day), yearbooks, prom queens, and all things teen dreams. I also wanted to celebrate girls with different shapes, skin tones, personalities, and careers, so I reached out to some of my friends, who just so happen to be some of the coolest people we know: Steak (a.k.a., Rachael Finley), Tallulah Willis, Niki Takesh, Lanna Lyon, and Jordan Rebello. So, NYLON photo director Beth Garrabrant and I flew to Los Angeles and shot on site at Palisades Charter High School with our amazing photographer Daria Ritch, and then jet-set back to NYC to shoot the product winners.
    Voted, tested, and reviewed, I tallied up the best of the best available out there. I hope you guys love the end result as much as I do! Here's to next year.
    Xoxo, Jade
<p>1. Best Powder Blush: <a href=";skuId=1636679&amp;_requestid=79519" target="_blank">Sephora Collection Colorful Blush</a>&nbsp;in 05 Sweet On You and 09 I&rsquo;m Shocked, $15 each.</p>
<p>2. Best Highlighter: <a href="" target="_blank">Kjaer Weis Highlighter</a>&nbsp;in Radiance, $56.</p>
<p>3.&nbsp;B<span class="s1">est Makeup-Setting Spray: <a href=";skuId=2280119&amp;_requestid=304030" target="_blank">Japonesque Color Makeup Setting Spray</a></span><span class="s2">, $29.</span></p>
<p><span class="s2">4.&nbsp;B</span><span class="s1">est Tinted Moisturizer: <a href=";skuId=870337&amp;_requestid=80235" target="_blank">Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 20</a></span><span class="s2">, $44.</span></p>
<p><span class="s2">5.&nbsp;B</span><span class="s1">est BB&nbsp;Cream: <a href=";skuId=1327915&amp;_requestid=80417" target="_blank">Dr. Jart+ Premium Beauty Balm SPF 45</a></span><span class="s2">, $39.</span></p>
<p><span class="s2">6.&nbsp;B</span><span class="s1">est CC&nbsp;Cream: <a href=";skuId=1575455&amp;_requestid=80553" target="_blank">Giorgio Armani Luminessence CC Color Control Bright Moisturizer SPF 35</a></span><span class="s2">, $52.</span></p>
<p><span class="s2">7. B</span><span class="s1">est Primer: <a href=";skuId=1654102&amp;_requestid=80662" target="_blank">Kat Von D Lock-It Featherweight Primer</a></span><span class="s2">, $32.&nbsp;</span></p>
<p><span class="s2">8.&nbsp;B</span><span class="s1">est Concealer: <a href=";_requestid=306035" target="_blank">Covergirl Trublend Fixstick Concealer</a></span><span class="s2">, $8 each.</span></p>
<p><span class="s2">9.&nbsp;B</span><span class="s1">est Foundation: <a href=";skuId=1708957&amp;_requestid=80974" target="_blank">Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation</a></span><span class="s2">, $43 each.</span></p>
<p><span class="s2">10.&nbsp;B</span><span class="s1">est Contour Kit: <a href="" target="_blank">Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Cream Kit</a></span><span class="s2">, $40.</span></p>
<p><span class="s2">11.&nbsp;B</span><span class="s1">est Bronzer: <a href=";_requestid=307496" target="_blank">Stila Stay All Day Contouring Bronzer</a></span><span class="s2">, $36.</span></p>
<p><span class="s2">12.&nbsp;B</span><span class="s1">est Cream Blush: <a href="" target="_blank">Rituel de Fille Inner Glow Cream Blush</a></span><span class="s2">&nbsp;in Delirium and Desire, $24 each.</span></p>
<p><span class="s2">13.&nbsp;B</span><span class="s1">est Translucent Powder: <a href="" target="_blank">NARS Light Reflecting Loose Setting Powder</a></span><span class="s2">, $36.</span></p>
<p><span class="s2">14.&nbsp;B</span><span class="s1">est Powder Foundation: <a href="" target="_blank">Chanel Les Beiges</a></span><span class="s2">, $58 each.</span></p>
<p><span class="s2">&nbsp;</span></p>

    Photo by Daria Ritch


    1. Best Powder Blush: Sephora Collection Colorful Blush in 05 Sweet On You and 09 I’m Shocked, $15 each.

    2. Best Highlighter: Kjaer Weis Highlighter in Radiance, $56.

    3. Best Makeup-Setting Spray: Japonesque Color Makeup Setting Spray, $29.

    4. Best Tinted Moisturizer: Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 20, $44.

    5. Best BB Cream: Dr. Jart+ Premium Beauty Balm SPF 45, $39.

    6. Best CC Cream: Giorgio Armani Luminessence CC Color Control Bright Moisturizer SPF 35, $52.

    7. Best Primer: Kat Von D Lock-It Featherweight Primer, $32. 

    8. Best Concealer: Covergirl Trublend Fixstick Concealer, $8 each.

    9. Best Foundation: Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation, $43 each.

    10. Best Contour Kit: Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Cream Kit, $40.

    11. Best Bronzer: Stila Stay All Day Contouring Bronzer, $36.

    12. Best Cream Blush: Rituel de Fille Inner Glow Cream Blush in Delirium and Desire, $24 each.

    13. Best Translucent Powder: NARS Light Reflecting Loose Setting Powder, $36.

    14. Best Powder Foundation: Chanel Les Beiges, $58 each.


<p>1.&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Chanel Misia Les Exclusifs de Chanel Eau de Toilette</a>, $280 for 6.8 fl. oz.</p>
<p>2.&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Balenciaga B. Eau de Parfum</a>, $110 for 1.7 fl. oz.</p>
<p>3.&nbsp;<a href=";R=783320473708&amp;P_name=Bvlgari&amp;sid=14FDCA8A5152&amp;Ntt=bvlgari+eau+parfum&amp;N=0&amp;bmUID=k.ppFFT" target="_blank">Bulgari Eau Parfum&eacute;e au Th&eacute; Bleu Eau de Cologne</a>, $97 for 2.5 fl. oz.</p>
<p>4. Best Diffuser: <a href="" target="_blank">Tocca Cleopatra Reed Diffuser</a>, $48.</p>
<p>5. <a href="" target="_blank">Byredo Gypsy Water Eau de Parfum</a>, $145 for 1.7 fl. oz.</p>
<p>6.&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Chlo&eacute; Love Story Eau de Parfum</a>, $105 for 1.7 fl. oz.</p>
<p>7.&nbsp;<a href=";skuId=1688852&amp;_requestid=93955" target="_blank">Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Eau de Parfum</a>, $115 for 3 fl. oz.</p>
<p>8.&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Juicy Couture I Am Juicy Couture Eau de Parfum</a>, $74 for 1.7 fl. oz.</p>
<p>9. <a href=";start=3" target="_blank">Givenchy Dahlia Divin</a>, $110 for 2.5 fl. oz.</p>
<p>10.&nbsp;<a href=";skuId=1007723&amp;_requestid=94563" target="_blank">Tom Ford Black Orchid Eau de Parfum</a>, $115 for 1.7 fl. oz.</p>
<p>11.&nbsp;B<span class="s1">est Rollerball: <a href=";skuId=1255439&amp;_requestid=94674" target="_blank">Viktor &amp; Rolf Flowerbomb Rollerball Eau de Parfum</a>, $29 for 0.33 fl. oz.</span><span class="s2">&nbsp;</span></p>
<p><span class="s2">12.&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Bond No. 9 Brooklyn Eau de Parfum</a></span><span class="s1">,&nbsp;</span><span class="s1">$275 for 3.3 fl. oz.</span></p>
<p>13. Best Perfume Oil: <a href="" target="_blank">Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black Pure Perfume Oil</a>, $35.</p>
<p>14. Best Candle: <a href="" target="_blank">Diptyque Paris Baies Candle</a>, $60.</p>
<p>15.&nbsp;<a href=";skuId=1610237&amp;_requestid=95623" target="_blank">Prada Candy Florale Eau de Toilette</a>, $90 for 2.7 fl. oz.</p>
<p>16. Best Unisex Fragrance: <a href=";skuId=1602259&amp;_requestid=95741" target="_blank">Maison Martin Margiela Replica Jazz Club</a>, $125 for 3.4 fl. oz.</p>
<p>17.&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Thierry Mugler Alien Eau de Parfum</a>, $120 for 2 fl. oz.</p>

    Photo by Daria Ritch


    1. Chanel Misia Les Exclusifs de Chanel Eau de Toilette, $280 for 6.8 fl. oz.

    2. Balenciaga B. Eau de Parfum, $110 for 1.7 fl. oz.

    3. Bulgari Eau Parfumée au Thé Bleu Eau de Cologne, $97 for 2.5 fl. oz.

    4. Best Diffuser: Tocca Cleopatra Reed Diffuser, $48.

    5. Byredo Gypsy Water Eau de Parfum, $145 for 1.7 fl. oz.

    6. Chloé Love Story Eau de Parfum, $105 for 1.7 fl. oz.

    7. Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Eau de Parfum, $115 for 3 fl. oz.

    8. Juicy Couture I Am Juicy Couture Eau de Parfum, $74 for 1.7 fl. oz.

    9. Givenchy Dahlia Divin, $110 for 2.5 fl. oz.

    10. Tom Ford Black Orchid Eau de Parfum, $115 for 1.7 fl. oz.

    11. Best Rollerball: Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Rollerball Eau de Parfum, $29 for 0.33 fl. oz. 

    12. Bond No. 9 Brooklyn Eau de Parfum$275 for 3.3 fl. oz.

    13. Best Perfume Oil: Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black Pure Perfume Oil, $35.

    14. Best Candle: Diptyque Paris Baies Candle, $60.

    15. Prada Candy Florale Eau de Toilette, $90 for 2.7 fl. oz.

    16. Best Unisex Fragrance: Maison Martin Margiela Replica Jazz Club, $125 for 3.4 fl. oz.

    17. Thierry Mugler Alien Eau de Parfum, $120 for 2 fl. oz.


    <p class="p1"><strong><span class="s1">Nails:</span></strong></p>
<p class="p1"><span class="s1">1. Best Pastel: <a href="" target="_blank">Floss Gloss Nail Lacquer in 95% Angel</a></span><span class="s2">, $8.</span></p>
<p class="p1"><span class="s1">2. Best Metallic: <a href=";keywords=jinsoon%20epidote&amp;termUsed=jinsoon%20epidote&amp;enableAjaxRequest=false" target="_blank">Jinsoon Nail Lacquer in Epidote</a></span><span class="s2">, $18.</span></p>
<p class="p1"><span class="s1">3. Best Nail Treatment: <a href=";skuId=2083371&amp;_requestid=693153" target="_blank">OPI Nail Envy Nail Strengthener for Soft &amp; Thin Nails</a></span><span class="s2">, $18.</span></p>
<p class="p1"><span class="s1">4. Best Black: <a href="" target="_blank">Butter London Nail Lacquer in Union Jack Black</a></span><span class="s2">, $15.</span></p>
<p class="p1"><span class="s1">5. Best Neon: <a href="" target="_blank">Orly Nail Lacquer in Thrill Seeker</a></span><span class="s2">, $8.50.</span></p>
<p class="p1"><span class="s1">6. Best Vamp: <a href=";skuId=1588854&amp;_requestid=134668" target="_blank">Dior Vernis Gel Shine and Long Wear Nail Lacquer in Nuit 1947</a></span><span class="s2">, $27.</span></p>
<p class="p1"><span class="s1">7. Best Nail File: <a href=";skuId=1707199&amp;_requestid=134886" target="_blank">Tweezerman Neon Hot 4-in-1 File, Buff, Smooth &amp; Shine Block</a></span><span class="s2">, $10.</span></p>
<p class="p1"><span class="s1">8. Best Purple: <a href="" target="_blank">Formula X Electrics Nail Polish in Haphazard</a></span><span class="s2">, $10.50.</span></p>
<p class="p1"><span class="s1">9. Best Top Coat: <a href=";term=essie+gel+setter+top+coat" target="_blank">Essie Gel Setter Top Coat</a></span><span class="s2">, $10.</span></p>
<p class="p1"><span class="s1">10. Best Red: <a href="" target="_blank">Christian Louboutin in Rouge Louboutin</a></span><span class="s2">, $50.</span></p>
<p class="p1"><span class="s1">11. Best Glitter: <a href="" target="_blank">Deborah Lippmann Nail Lacquer in Stronger</a></span><span class="s2">, $20.</span></p>
<p class="p1"><span class="s1">12. Best Base Coat: </span><span class="s2"><a href="" target="_blank">Nails Inc. Nailkale Superfood Base Coat</a>, $15.</span></p>
<p class="p1"><span class="s1">13. Best Nail Wraps: <a href="" target="_blank">NCLA Nail Wraps in Rose Rock</a></span><span class="s2">, $16.</span></p>
<p class="p2"><span class="s1">14. Best Drying Drops: <a href="" target="_blank">Zoya Fast Drops Speed Dry Drops</a></span><span class="s2">, $16.</span></p>
<p class="p1"><span class="s1">15. Best Nude: <a href=";skuId=2277002&amp;_requestid=720057" target="_blank">Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Camelflage</a></span><span class="s2">, $8.</span></p>
<p class="p1"><span class="s1">16. Best Orange: <a href=";refType=&amp;from=Search" target="_blank">Marc Jacobs Beauty Enamored Hi-Shine Nail Lacquer in Snap!</a></span><span class="s2">, $18.</span></p>
<p class="p1"><span class="s1">17. Best Iridescent: <a href="" target="_blank">Illamasqua Nail Varnish in Hemlock</a></span><span class="s2">, $18.</span></p>
<p class="p1"><span class="s1">18. Best Gray: <a href="" target="_blank">Smith and Cult Nailed Lacquer in Stockholm Syndrome</a></span><span class="s2">, $18.</span></p>
<p class="p1"><span class="s1">19. Best Matte Top Coat: T</span><span class="s2">opshop Nail Matte Top Coat, $10,</span></p>

    Photo by Daria Ritch


    1. Best Pastel: Floss Gloss Nail Lacquer in 95% Angel, $8.

    2. Best Metallic: Jinsoon Nail Lacquer in Epidote, $18.

    3. Best Nail Treatment: OPI Nail Envy Nail Strengthener for Soft & Thin Nails, $18.

    4. Best Black: Butter London Nail Lacquer in Union Jack Black, $15.

    5. Best Neon: Orly Nail Lacquer in Thrill Seeker, $8.50.

    6. Best Vamp: Dior Vernis Gel Shine and Long Wear Nail Lacquer in Nuit 1947, $27.

    7. Best Nail File: Tweezerman Neon Hot 4-in-1 File, Buff, Smooth & Shine Block, $10.

    8. Best Purple: Formula X Electrics Nail Polish in Haphazard, $10.50.

    9. Best Top Coat: Essie Gel Setter Top Coat, $10.

    10. Best Red: Christian Louboutin in Rouge Louboutin, $50.

    11. Best Glitter: Deborah Lippmann Nail Lacquer in Stronger, $20.

    12. Best Base Coat: Nails Inc. Nailkale Superfood Base Coat, $15.

    13. Best Nail Wraps: NCLA Nail Wraps in Rose Rock, $16.

    14. Best Drying Drops: Zoya Fast Drops Speed Dry Drops, $16.

    15. Best Nude: Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Camelflage, $8.

    16. Best Orange: Marc Jacobs Beauty Enamored Hi-Shine Nail Lacquer in Snap!, $18.

    17. Best Iridescent: Illamasqua Nail Varnish in Hemlock, $18.

    18. Best Gray: Smith and Cult Nailed Lacquer in Stockholm Syndrome, $18.

    19. Best Matte Top Coat: Topshop Nail Matte Top Coat, $10,

    <p class="p1"><strong>Eyes:&nbsp;</strong></p>
<p class="p3"><span class="s1">1.&nbsp;B</span><span class="s1">est Thickening Mascara: <a href=";keywords=eyeko%20rock%20out%20&amp;amp;%20lash%20out%20mascara&amp;termUsed=eyeko%20rock%20out%20&amp;amp;%20lash%20out%20mascara&amp;enableAjaxRequest=false" target="_blank">Eyeko Rock Out &amp; Lash Out Mascara</a></span><span class="s2">, $26.</span></p>
<p class="p3"><span class="s1">2. Best Curling Mascara: <a href="" target="_blank">Maybelline Lash Sensational Waterproof Mascara</a></span><span class="s2">, $9.</span></p>
<p class="p3"><span class="s1">3. Best Lengthening Mascara: <a href="" target="_blank">L&rsquo;Or&eacute;al Paris Voluminous Miss Manga Rock Mascara</a></span><span class="s2">, $8.</span></p>
<p class="p3"><span class="s1">4. Best Mascara Primer: <a href=";search=little+black+primer" target="_blank">Est&eacute;e Lauder Little Black Primer</a></span><span class="s2">, $24.</span></p>
<p class="p3"><span class="s2">5.&nbsp;B</span><span class="s1">est Brown Mascara: <a href="" target="_blank">Burberry Curve Lash Mascara in Chestnut Brown No. 02</a></span><span class="s2">, $29.</span></p>
<p class="p3"><span class="s2">6.&nbsp;B</span><span class="s1">est Volumizing Mascara: <a href=";skuId=2289762&amp;_requestid=765416" target="_blank">Rimmel London Scandaleyes XX-Treme Mascara</a></span><span class="s2">, $6,</span></p>

    Photo by Daria Ritch


    1. Best Thickening Mascara: Eyeko Rock Out & Lash Out Mascara, $26.

    2. Best Curling Mascara: Maybelline Lash Sensational Waterproof Mascara, $9.

    3. Best Lengthening Mascara: L’Oréal Paris Voluminous Miss Manga Rock Mascara, $8.

    4. Best Mascara Primer: Estée Lauder Little Black Primer, $24.

    5. Best Brown Mascara: Burberry Curve Lash Mascara in Chestnut Brown No. 02, $29.

    6. Best Volumizing Mascara: Rimmel London Scandaleyes XX-Treme Mascara, $6,


    <p><span class="s1">7. Best Liquid Eyeliner: <a href=";skuId=1711639&amp;_requestid=151989" target="_blank">Clinique Pretty Easy Liquid Eyelining Pen</a></span><span class="s2">, $19.50.</span></p>
<p class="p1"><span class="s1">8. Best Gel Eyeliner: <a href=";skuId=1659457&amp;_requestid=152064" target="_blank">Tarte Clay Pot Waterproof Liner</a></span><span class="s2">&nbsp;in Black and Brown, $21 each.</span></p>
<p class="p1"><span class="s1">9. Best Pencil Eyeliner: <a href="" target="_blank">Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Cosmetic Colour Pencils in Tarred</a></span><span class="s2">, $16.</span></p>
<p class="p1"><span class="s1">10. Best Brow Pencil: <a href="" target="_blank">Bobbi Brown Perfectly Defined Long-Wear Brow Pencil</a></span><span class="s2">, $42 each.</span></p>

    Photo by Daria Ritch

    7. Best Liquid Eyeliner: Clinique Pretty Easy Liquid Eyelining Pen, $19.50.

    8. Best Gel Eyeliner: Tarte Clay Pot Waterproof Liner in Black and Brown, $21 each.

    9. Best Pencil Eyeliner: Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Cosmetic Colour Pencils in Tarred, $16.

    10. Best Brow Pencil: Bobbi Brown Perfectly Defined Long-Wear Brow Pencil, $42 each.

    <p><span class="s1">11. Best Big Eye-Shadow Palette:</span><span class="s2">&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Urban Decay Naked Smoky Eyeshadow Palette</a>, $54.</span></p>
<p class="p1"><span class="s1">12. Best Small Eye-Shadow Palette: <a href="" target="_blank">Hourglass Modernist Eyeshadow Palette in Infinity</a></span><span class="s2">, $58.</span></p>
<p class="p2"><span class="s1">13. Best Eye-Shadow Primer: <a href="" target="_blank">Benefit Cosmetics Air Patrol BB Cream Eyelid Primer</a></span><span class="s2">, $29.</span></p>
<p class="p1"><span class="s1">14. Best Cream Eye Shadow: <a href=";contextualcategoryid=60138917&amp;fashionColor=&amp;resultback=0" target="_blank">Shiseido Shimmering Cream Eye Color in BR727 Fog</a></span><span class="s2">, $25.</span></p>
<p class="p1"><span class="s1">15. Best Powder Eye&nbsp;Shadow: <a href="" target="_blank">Gucci Magnetic Color Shadow Mono in Iconic Gold</a></span><span class="s2">, $37.</span></p>

    Photo by Daria Ritch

    11. Best Big Eye-Shadow Palette: Urban Decay Naked Smoky Eyeshadow Palette, $54.

    12. Best Small Eye-Shadow Palette: Hourglass Modernist Eyeshadow Palette in Infinity, $58.

    13. Best Eye-Shadow Primer: Benefit Cosmetics Air Patrol BB Cream Eyelid Primer, $29.

    14. Best Cream Eye Shadow: Shiseido Shimmering Cream Eye Color in BR727 Fog, $25.

    15. Best Powder Eye Shadow: Gucci Magnetic Color Shadow Mono in Iconic Gold, $37.

    <p class="p1"><strong><span class="s1">Lips:</span></strong></p>
<p class="p1"><span class="s1">1. Best Lip Stain: <a href="" target="_blank">Josie Maran Coconut Watercolor Lip Stain &amp; Shine in Poppy Paradise</a></span><span class="s2">, $22.</span></p>
<p class="p1"><span class="s1">2. Best Holographic Lip Gloss: <a href="" target="_blank">Inglot AMC Lip Gloss</a></span><span class="s2">&nbsp;in 541, $18.</span></p>
<p class="p1"><span class="s1">3. Best Mauve Lipstick: <a href="" target="_blank">Charlotte Tilbury k.i.s.s.i.n.g. Lipstick in Bitch Perfect</a></span><span class="s2">, $32.</span></p>
<p class="p1"><span class="s1">4. Best Lip Tint: <a href=",82,1,29268,715632.htm" target="_blank">L&rsquo;Occitane Peony Tinted Lip Balm</a></span><span class="s2">, $16.</span></p>
<p class="p2"><span class="s1">5. Best Creative Color Lip Gloss: <a href="" target="_blank">Make Beauty Satin Luminous Lip Gloss in Sea</a></span><span class="s2">, $25.</span></p>
<p class="p1"><span class="s1">6. Best Purple Lipstick: <a href="" target="_blank">Lipstick Queen Silver Screen Lipstick in Stella</a></span><span class="s2">, $50.</span></p>
<p class="p1"><span class="s1">7. Best Red Lipstick: <a href="" target="_blank">Temptu Color True Lipstick in Imperial Red</a></span><span class="s2">, $24.</span></p>
<p class="p2"><span class="s1">8. Best Orange Lipstick: <a href=";contextualcategoryid=2375500&amp;fashionColor=&amp;resultback=0" target="_blank">Guerlain Kisskiss Shaping Cream Lip Color in 345 Orange Fizz</a></span><span class="s2">, $37.</span></p>
<p class="p1"><span class="s1">9. Best Nude Lipstick: <a href="" target="_blank">Stiks Cosmetiks Lipstik in Nude</a></span><span class="s2">, $15.</span>&nbsp;</p>
<p class="p1"><span class="s1">10. Best Anti-Feathering Lip Pencil: <a href="" target="_blank">Too Faced Borderline Lip Pencil</a></span><span class="s2">, $18.50.</span></p>
<p class="p1"><span class="s1">11. Best Vamp Lipstick: <a href=";searchType=MAIN&amp;rte=%252Fsearch.jsp%253FN%253D0%2526Ntt%253Dkevyn%252520aucoin%252520the%252520expert%252520lip%252520color%252520%2526refpg%253DSL&amp;eItemId=prod82280066&amp;cmCat=search" target="_blank">Kevyn Aucoin The Expert Lip Color in Bloodroses</a></span><span class="s2">, $35.</span></p>

    Photo by Daria Ritch


    1. Best Lip Stain: Josie Maran Coconut Watercolor Lip Stain & Shine in Poppy Paradise, $22.

    2. Best Holographic Lip Gloss: Inglot AMC Lip Gloss in 541, $18.

    3. Best Mauve Lipstick: Charlotte Tilbury k.i.s.s.i.n.g. Lipstick in Bitch Perfect, $32.

    4. Best Lip Tint: L’Occitane Peony Tinted Lip Balm, $16.

    5. Best Creative Color Lip Gloss: Make Beauty Satin Luminous Lip Gloss in Sea, $25.

    6. Best Purple Lipstick: Lipstick Queen Silver Screen Lipstick in Stella, $50.

    7. Best Red Lipstick: Temptu Color True Lipstick in Imperial Red, $24.

    8. Best Orange Lipstick: Guerlain Kisskiss Shaping Cream Lip Color in 345 Orange Fizz, $37.

    9. Best Nude Lipstick: Stiks Cosmetiks Lipstik in Nude, $15. 

    10. Best Anti-Feathering Lip Pencil: Too Faced Borderline Lip Pencil, $18.50.

    11. Best Vamp Lipstick: Kevyn Aucoin The Expert Lip Color in Bloodroses, $35.

    <p class="p1"><span class="s1">12. Best Lip Base: <a href=";mode=all&amp;ref=900127" target="_blank">Bite Beauty BB for Lips</a></span><span class="s2">&nbsp;in Natural, $24.</span></p>
<p class="p1"><span class="s1">13. Best Lip Balm: <a href="" target="_blank">Eos Visibly Soft Lip Balm in Blackberry Nectar</a></span><span class="s2">, $3.</span></p>
<p class="p1"><span class="s1">14. Best Lip Liner: <a href="" target="_blank">Smashbox Always Sharp Lip Liner in Ruby</a></span><span class="s2">, $20.</span></p>
<p class="p1"><span class="s1">15. Best Pink Lipstick:&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Milani Color Statement Moisture Matte Lipstick</a></span><span class="s2">&nbsp;in 63 Matte Diva, $6.</span></p>
<p class="p1"><span class="s1">16. Best Lip Crayon:&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Circa Color Saturated Lip Crayon</a></span><span class="s2">&nbsp;in 02 Demure, $10.</span></p>
<p class="p1"><span class="s1">17. Best Creative Color Lipstick: <a href=";skuId=1619709&amp;_requestid=437910" target="_blank">Ardency Inn Modster Long Play Supercharged Lip Color in Black Is Blue</a></span><span class="s2">, $25.</span>&nbsp;</p>
<p class="p1"><span class="s1">18. Best Lip Top Coat: <a href="" target="_blank">NYX Cosmetics V&rsquo;amped Up! Lip Top Coat</a></span><span class="s2">, $6.</span></p>
<p class="p1"><span class="s1">19. Best Berry Lipstick: <a href=",default,pd.html?dwvar_1002BLSC400_color=7a4d48&amp;start=2&amp;q=beautiful%20color%20moisturizing%20lipstick&amp;navid=search" target="_blank">Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Moisturizing Lipstick in Sangria</a></span><span class="s2">, $25.</span></p>
<p class="p1"><span class="s1">20. Best Lip Gloss: <a href="" target="_blank">MAC Cosmetics Lipglass</a></span><span class="s2">&nbsp;in Myth and Desire, $15 each.</span></p>
<p class="p1"><span class="s1">21. Best Rose Lipstick: <a href="" target="_blank">Lise Watier Rouge Plumpissimo Lipstick in Rose P&eacute;tale</a></span><span class="s2">, $22.</span></p>

    Photo by Daria Ritch

    12. Best Lip Base: Bite Beauty BB for Lips in Natural, $24.

    13. Best Lip Balm: Eos Visibly Soft Lip Balm in Blackberry Nectar, $3.

    14. Best Lip Liner: Smashbox Always Sharp Lip Liner in Ruby, $20.

    15. Best Pink Lipstick: Milani Color Statement Moisture Matte Lipstick in 63 Matte Diva, $6.

    16. Best Lip Crayon: Circa Color Saturated Lip Crayon in 02 Demure, $10.

    17. Best Creative Color Lipstick: Ardency Inn Modster Long Play Supercharged Lip Color in Black Is Blue, $25. 

    18. Best Lip Top Coat: NYX Cosmetics V’amped Up! Lip Top Coat, $6.

    19. Best Berry Lipstick: Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Moisturizing Lipstick in Sangria, $25.

    20. Best Lip Gloss: MAC Cosmetics Lipglass in Myth and Desire, $15 each.

    21. Best Rose Lipstick: Lise Watier Rouge Plumpissimo Lipstick in Rose Pétale, $22.

    <p class="p1"><strong><span class="s1">Tools:</span></strong></p>
<p class="p1"><span class="s1">1. Best Hair Brush: <a href=";searchType=MAIN&amp;rte=%2FbrSearch.jsp%3Ffrom%3DbrSearch%26request_type%3Dsearch%26search_type%3Dkeyword%26q%3Dmason%20pearson%20popular%20mix%20brush&amp;eItemId=prod94590053&amp;cmCat=search" target="_blank">Mason Pearson Popular Mix Brush</a></span><span class="s2">, $205.</span></p>
<p class="p1"><span class="s1">2. Best Face Tool: <a href=";dwvar_CL27_color=White#q=smart+profile+sonic+brush&amp;start=1" target="_blank">Clarisonic Smart Profile Sonic Brush</a></span><span class="s2">, $265.</span></p>
<p class="p1"><span class="s1">3. Best Eyelash Curler: <a href="" target="_blank">Surratt Relev&eacute;e Lash Curler</a></span><span class="s2">, $30.</span></p>
<p class="p3">&nbsp;</p>
<p class="p3"><strong><span class="s2">Best Eye-Makeup Brushes:&nbsp;</span></strong></p>
<p class="p1"><span class="s1">4. <a href=";category=SEARCH+RESULTS" target="_blank">Sigma Beauty E30 Pencil</a></span><span class="s2">, $14.</span></p>
<p class="p1"><span class="s1">5. <a href=";parentid=SUGGESTIVE+SEARCH+RESULTS" target="_blank">Sigma Beauty E25 Blending</a></span><span class="s2">, $14.</span></p>
<p class="p1"><span class="s1">6.</span><span class="s2">&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">&amp; Other Stories Concealer Brush</a>, $11.&nbsp;</span></p>
<p class="p1"><span class="s1">7. <a href="" target="_blank">&amp; Other Stories Eyebrow Brush</a></span><span class="s2">, $13.</span></p>
<p class="p3">&nbsp;</p>
<p class="p3"><strong><span class="s2">Best Face-Makeup Brushes:&nbsp;</span></strong></p>
<p class="p1"><span class="s1">8. <a href=";color=000" target="_blank">Sigma Beauty F-80 Flat Kabuki Brush</a></span><span class="s2">, $24.</span></p>
<p class="p1"><span class="s1">9. <a href="" target="_blank">&amp; Other Stories Shimmer Powder Brush</a></span><span class="s2">, $18.</span></p>
<p class="p1"><span class="s1">10.</span><span class="s2">&nbsp;<a href=";keywords=rms%20beauty%20skin2skin%20foundation%20brush&amp;termUsed=rms%20beauty%20skin2skin%20foundation%20brush&amp;enableAjaxRequest=false" target="_blank">RMS Beauty Skin2skin Foundation Brush</a>, $38.</span></p>
<p class="p1"><span class="s1">11.</span><span class="s2">&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Lorac Pro Contour Brush</a>, $22.</span></p>
<p class="p1"><span class="s1">12.</span><span class="s2">&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Real Techniques Blush Brush</a>, $9.</span></p>
<p class="p1"><span class="s1">13-14.</span><span class="s2">&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Real Techniques Core Collection</a>, $18 for four&nbsp;brushes.</span></p>
<p class="p1"><span class="s1">15.</span><span class="s2">&nbsp;<a href=";skuId=1673847&amp;_requestid=441952" target="_blank">Sephora Collection Pro Contour Kabuki #82</a>, $38.&nbsp;</span></p>
<p class="p1"><span class="s1">16. Best Straightener: <a href="" target="_blank">GHD Eclipse Hair Straightener</a></span><span class="s2">, $245.</span></p>
<p class="p1"><span class="s1">17. Best Round Brush: <a href="" target="_blank">Unite Pro-System 37mm Round Brush</a></span><span class="s2">, $29.</span></p>
<p class="p1"><span class="s1">18. Best Makeup Sponge: <a href="" target="_blank">Beautyblender the Original Beautyblender</a></span><span class="s2">, $20.</span>&nbsp;</p>
<p class="p1"><span class="s1">19. Best Travel Tool: <a href="" target="_blank">Foreo Luna Mini in Turquoise Blue</a></span><span class="s2">, $139.</span></p>
<p class="p1"><span class="s1">20. Best Blow-Dryer: <a href="" target="_blank">Paul Mitchell Neuro Motion</a></span><span class="s2">, $185.</span></p>
<p class="p1"><span class="s1">21. Best Makeup Bag: <a href=";term=sonia+kashuk+small+train+case" target="_blank">Sonia Kashuk Small Train Case in Cheetah</a></span><span class="s2">, $17.</span></p>
<p class="p1"><span class="s1">22. Best Curling Iron: <a href="" target="_blank">Sarah Potempa Beachwaver</a></span><span class="s2">, $200</span></p>

    Photo by Daria Ritch


    1. Best Hair Brush: Mason Pearson Popular Mix Brush, $205.

    2. Best Face Tool: Clarisonic Smart Profile Sonic Brush, $265.

    3. Best Eyelash Curler: Surratt Relevée Lash Curler, $30.


    Best Eye-Makeup Brushes: 

    4. Sigma Beauty E30 Pencil, $14.

    5. Sigma Beauty E25 Blending, $14.

    6. & Other Stories Concealer Brush, $11. 

    7. & Other Stories Eyebrow Brush, $13.


    Best Face-Makeup Brushes: 

    8. Sigma Beauty F-80 Flat Kabuki Brush, $24.

    9. & Other Stories Shimmer Powder Brush, $18.

    10. RMS Beauty Skin2skin Foundation Brush, $38.

    11. Lorac Pro Contour Brush, $22.

    12. Real Techniques Blush Brush, $9.

    13-14. Real Techniques Core Collection, $18 for four brushes.

    15. Sephora Collection Pro Contour Kabuki #82, $38. 

    16. Best Straightener: GHD Eclipse Hair Straightener, $245.

    17. Best Round Brush: Unite Pro-System 37mm Round Brush, $29.

    18. Best Makeup Sponge: Beautyblender the Original Beautyblender, $20. 

    19. Best Travel Tool: Foreo Luna Mini in Turquoise Blue, $139.

    20. Best Blow-Dryer: Paul Mitchell Neuro Motion, $185.

    21. Best Makeup Bag: Sonia Kashuk Small Train Case in Cheetah, $17.

    22. Best Curling Iron: Sarah Potempa Beachwaver, $200

    <p class="p1"><strong><span class="s1">Skin:</span></strong></p>
<p class="p1"><span class="s1">1. Best Multi-Purpose Skincare Product: <a href="!/products/balm-dotcom" target="_blank">Glossier Balm Dotcom</a></span><span class="s2">, $12.</span></p>
<p class="p3"><span class="s3">2. Best Treatment: <a href=";skuId=1628593&amp;_requestid=443987" target="_blank">Verso Skincare Dark Spot Fix</a></span><span class="s1">, $150.</span></p>
<p class="p3"><span class="s3">3. Best Toner: <a href=";mode=all" target="_blank">Amorepacific Treatment Toner</a></span><span class="s1">, $50.</span></p>
<p class="p3"><span class="s3">4. Best Eye Cream: <a href=";prefn1=brand&amp;prefv1=BY%20TERRY" target="_blank">Byterry Cellularose Hydraradiance Eye Contour</a></span><span class="s1">, $75.</span></p>
<p class="p3"><span class="s3">5. Best Face Wipes: <a href=";skuId=2254366&amp;_requestid=497041" target="_blank">Yes to Grapefruit Correct &amp; Repair Brightening Facial Towelette</a></span><span class="s1">, $6.</span></p>

    Photo by Daria Ritch


    1. Best Multi-Purpose Skincare Product: Glossier Balm Dotcom, $12.

    2. Best Treatment: Verso Skincare Dark Spot Fix, $150.

    3. Best Toner: Amorepacific Treatment Toner, $50.

    4. Best Eye Cream: Byterry Cellularose Hydraradiance Eye Contour, $75.

    5. Best Face Wipes: Yes to Grapefruit Correct & Repair Brightening Facial Towelette, $6.

    <p class="p1"><span class="s1">6. Best Night Oil: <a href=";skuId=1681881&amp;_requestid=444602" target="_blank">Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil</a></span><span class="s2">, $105.</span></p>
<p class="p2"><span class="s1">7. Best Night Moisturizer: <a href=";Ntt=restorsea%20restoring%20night%20cream&amp;refpg=SL" target="_blank">Restorsea Restoring Night Cream</a></span><span class="s2">, $175.</span></p>
<p class="p3"><span class="s1">8. Best Makeup Remover: <a href="" target="_blank">Lanc&ocirc;me Bi-Facil Double-Action Eye Makeup Remover</a></span><span class="s2">, $29.</span></p>
<p class="p1"><span class="s1">9. Best Exfoliator: <a href=";skuId=1709831&amp;_requestid=444861" target="_blank">Dr. Brandt Skincare Poredermabrasion Pore Perfecting Exfoliator</a></span><span class="s2">, $58</span></p>
<p class="p1"><span class="s1">10. best face mask: <a href=";mode=all" target="_blank">glamglow thirstymud hydrating treatment</a></span><span class="s2">, $19</span></p>

    Photo by Daria Ritch

    6. Best Night Oil: Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil, $105.

    7. Best Night Moisturizer: Restorsea Restoring Night Cream, $175.

    8. Best Makeup Remover: Lancôme Bi-Facil Double-Action Eye Makeup Remover, $29.

    9. Best Exfoliator: Dr. Brandt Skincare Poredermabrasion Pore Perfecting Exfoliator, $58

    10. best face mask: glamglow thirstymud hydrating treatment, $19

    <p class="p1"><span class="s1">11. Best Face Sunscreen: <a href="" target="_blank">Skinceuticals Physical Matte UV Defense Sunscreen</a></span><span class="s2">, $34.</span></p>
<p class="p1"><span class="s1">12. Best Day Moisturizer: <a href=";skuId=1585652&amp;_requestid=445217" target="_blank">Ren Evercalm Global Protection Day Cream</a></span><span class="s2">, $45.</span></p>
<p class="p1"><span class="s1">13. Best Night Mask: <a href="" target="_blank">Peter Thomas Roth Camu Camu Power C x 30 Vitamin C Brightening Sleeping Mask</a></span><span class="s2">, $62.</span></p>
<p class="p1"><span class="s1">14. Best Spot Treatment: <a href=";cgid=collection-effaclar" target="_blank">La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo</a></span><span class="s2">, $37.</span></p>
<p class="p1"><span class="s1">15. Best Cleansing Oil: <a href=",default,pd.html" target="_blank">Shu Uemura Ultime8 Sublime Beauty Cleansing Oil</a></span><span class="s2">, $42.</span></p>

    Photo by Daria Ritch

    <p class="p1"><span class="s1">16. Best Face Mist: <a href="" target="_blank">Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs, and Rosewater</a></span><span class="s2">, $7 for 4 fl. oz.</span></p>
<p class="p1"><span class="s1">17. Best Cleanser: <a href=";skuId=1635457&amp;_requestid=445840" target="_blank">Nude Skincare Perfect Cleanse Omega Cleansing Jelly</a></span><span class="s2">, $38.</span></p>
<p class="p1"><span class="s1">18. Best Face Oil: <a href="" target="_blank">Boscia Tsubaki Beauty Oil</a></span><span class="s2">, $46.</span></p>
<p class="p1"><span class="s1">19. Best Serum: <a href="" target="_blank">Fresh Rose Hydrating Face Serum</a></span><span class="s2">, $55.</span></p>
<p class="p1"><span class="s1">20. Best Cleansing Pads: <a href=";contextualcategoryid=2375500&amp;fashionColor=&amp;resultback=0" target="_blank">Rodial Super Acids X-Treme Pore Shrink Cleansing Pads</a></span><span class="s2">, $48.</span></p>

    Photo by Daria Ritch

    16. Best Face Mist: Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs, and Rosewater, $7 for 4 fl. oz.

    17. Best Cleanser: Nude Skincare Perfect Cleanse Omega Cleansing Jelly, $38.

    18. Best Face Oil: Boscia Tsubaki Beauty Oil, $46.

    19. Best Serum: Fresh Rose Hydrating Face Serum, $55.

    20. Best Cleansing Pads: Rodial Super Acids X-Treme Pore Shrink Cleansing Pads, $48.

<p>1. Best Frizz Control: <a href=";mode=all" target="_blank">Living Proof No Frizz Humidity Shield</a>, $22.</p>
<p>2. Best Hair-Cleansing Cream: <a href=";keywords=oribe%20cleansing%20cr%E9me%20for%20moisture%20and%20control&amp;termUsed=oribe%20cleansing%20cr%E9me%20for%20moisture%20and%20control&amp;enableAjaxRequest=false" target="_blank">Oribe Cleansing Cr&eacute;me for Moisture and Control</a>, $44.</p>
<p>3. Best Hair&nbsp;Paste: <a href=";_requestid=504642" target="_blank">Redken Move Ability 05</a>, $19.</p>
<p>4. Best Hair Serum: <a href=";term=toni+%26+guy+classic+shine+gloss+serum" target="_blank">Toni &amp; Guy Classic Shine Gloss Serum</a>, $13.</p>
<p>5. Best Volumizer: <a href="" target="_blank">K&eacute;rastase V.I.P. Volume in Powder</a>, $37.</p>
<p>6. Best Shampoo and Conditioner: <a href=";skuId=2283776&amp;_requestid=506112" target="_blank">OXG Healing + Vitamin E Shampoo</a>&nbsp;and <a href="" target="_blank">Conditioner</a>, $8 each.</p>
<p>7. Best Hairspray: <a href="" target="_blank">O&amp;M Original Queenie Firm Hold Hairspray</a>, $26.</p>
<p>8. Best Hair Oil: <a href="" target="_blank">Bumble and bumble Hairdresser&rsquo;s Invisible Oil</a>, $39.</p>
<p>9. Best Mousse: <a href="" target="_blank">Davines This Is a Curl Moisturizing Mousse</a>, $26.</p>
<p>10. Best Hair Gel: <a href="" target="_blank">Malin+Goetz Firm Hold Styling Gel</a>, $22.</p>
<p>11. Best Sea-Salt Spray: <a href="" target="_blank">R+Co Rockaway Sea Salt Spray</a>, $25.</p>
<p>12. Best Hair Mask: <a href=";skuId=2277784&amp;_requestid=510409" target="_blank">Bedhead by TIGI Urban Antidotes Re-Energize Treatment Mask</a>, $27.</p>
<p>13. Best Hair Color: <a href="" target="_blank">Manic Panic High-Voltage Classic Cream Formula Hair Color in Blue Steel</a>, $14.</p>
<p>14. Best Dry Shampoo: <a href="" target="_blank">Batiste Dry Shampoo Original</a>, $8.</p>
<p>15. Best Texturizer: <a href="" target="_blank">Joico Hair Shake Finishing Texturizer</a>, $18.</p>

    Photo by Daria Ritch


    1. Best Frizz Control: Living Proof No Frizz Humidity Shield, $22.

    2. Best Hair-Cleansing Cream: Oribe Cleansing Créme for Moisture and Control, $44.

    3. Best Hair Paste: Redken Move Ability 05, $19.

    4. Best Hair Serum: Toni & Guy Classic Shine Gloss Serum, $13.

    5. Best Volumizer: Kérastase V.I.P. Volume in Powder, $37.

    6. Best Shampoo and Conditioner: OXG Healing + Vitamin E Shampoo and Conditioner, $8 each.

    7. Best Hairspray: O&M Original Queenie Firm Hold Hairspray, $26.

    8. Best Hair Oil: Bumble and bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil, $39.

    9. Best Mousse: Davines This Is a Curl Moisturizing Mousse, $26.

    10. Best Hair Gel: Malin+Goetz Firm Hold Styling Gel, $22.

    11. Best Sea-Salt Spray: R+Co Rockaway Sea Salt Spray, $25.

    12. Best Hair Mask: Bedhead by TIGI Urban Antidotes Re-Energize Treatment Mask, $27.

    13. Best Hair Color: Manic Panic High-Voltage Classic Cream Formula Hair Color in Blue Steel, $14.

    14. Best Dry Shampoo: Batiste Dry Shampoo Original, $8.

    15. Best Texturizer: Joico Hair Shake Finishing Texturizer, $18.

<p>1. Best Hand Cream: <a href="" target="_blank">Weleda Sea Buckthorn Hand Cream</a>, $12.50.</p>
<p>2. Best Deodorant: <a href=";term=dove+cool+essentials+dry+spray+antiperspirant" target="_blank">Dove Cool Essentials Dry Spray Antiperspirant</a>, $5.50.</p>
<p>3. Best Razor: <a href=";term=gillette+venus+swirl" target="_blank">Gillette Venus Swirl</a>, $8.</p>
<p>4. Best Self-Tanner: <a href="" target="_blank">St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse</a>, $32.</p>
<p>5. Best Body Oil: <a href="" target="_blank">Tata Harper Revitalizing Body Oil</a>, $90.</p>
<p>6. Best Body Moisturizer: <a href=";start=5" target="_blank">Kiehl&rsquo;s Creme de Corps</a>, $29.50 for 8.4 fl. oz.</p>
<p>7. Best Post-Shower Moisturizer: <a href=";skuId=2289407&amp;_requestid=516441" target="_blank">Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer with Refreshing Coconut Oil</a>, $8.</p>
<p>8. Best Body Sunscreen: <a href="" target="_blank">Av&egrave;ne Eau Thermale Ultra-Light Hydrating Sunscreen Lotion Spray SPF 50+</a>, $30.</p>
<p>9. Best Bath: <a href=",en_US,pd.html" target="_blank">Lush Bath Bomb Sex Bomb</a>, $7.</p>
<p>10. Best Body Wash: <a href="" target="_blank">Soap &amp; Glory Rich &amp; Foamous Body Wash</a>, $10.</p>
<p>11. Best Body Scrub: <a href="" target="_blank">The Body Shop Mango Body Scrub</a>, $20.</p>
<p>12. Best Shower Gel: <a href=";start=1" target="_blank">Rituals Tai Chi Foaming Shower Gel Sensation</a>, $15</p>

    Photo by Daria Ritch


    1. Best Hand Cream: Weleda Sea Buckthorn Hand Cream, $12.50.

    2. Best Deodorant: Dove Cool Essentials Dry Spray Antiperspirant, $5.50.

    3. Best Razor: Gillette Venus Swirl, $8.

    4. Best Self-Tanner: St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse, $32.

    5. Best Body Oil: Tata Harper Revitalizing Body Oil, $90.

    6. Best Body Moisturizer: Kiehl’s Creme de Corps, $29.50 for 8.4 fl. oz.

    7. Best Post-Shower Moisturizer: Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer with Refreshing Coconut Oil, $8.

    8. Best Body Sunscreen: Avène Eau Thermale Ultra-Light Hydrating Sunscreen Lotion Spray SPF 50+, $30.

    9. Best Bath: Lush Bath Bomb Sex Bomb, $7.

    10. Best Body Wash: Soap & Glory Rich & Foamous Body Wash, $10.

    11. Best Body Scrub: The Body Shop Mango Body Scrub, $20.

    12. Best Shower Gel: Rituals Tai Chi Foaming Shower Gel Sensation, $15


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