Presenting: The 2015 Nylon Beauty Awards

the best of the best products in face, hair, nails, and more

Photographed by Daria Ritch

Considering that I'm the only person who's worked on every, single one of our beauty awards, to say our fourth annual awards mean a lot to me is a total understatement. And talk about the pressure: What do I do to make this one different? What girl(s) do I feature? Which products are going to win?! 

I started with the concept first: I was inspired by school superlatives (I won "Most Unique" back in my day), yearbooks, prom queens, and all things teen dreams. I also wanted to celebrate girls with different shapes, skin tones, personalities, and careers, so I reached out to some of my friends, who just so happen to be some of the coolest people we know: Steak (a.k.a., Rachael Finley), Tallulah Willis, Niki Takesh, Lanna Lyon, and Jordan Rebello. So, NYLON photo director Beth Garrabrant and I flew to Los Angeles and shot on site at Palisades Charter High School with our amazing photographer Daria Ritch, and then jet-set back to NYC to shoot the product winners.
Voted, tested, and reviewed, I tallied up the best of the best available out there. I hope you guys love the end result as much as I do! Here's to next year.
Xoxo, Jade