Your Guide To A Perfect 24 Hours In New York City

Let's go downtown

Collage photos via Getty Images

“New York is,” Truman Capote, the genius behind Breakfast at Tiffany's and other odes to the Big Apple, once said, “the only real city-city.” Indeed, between the Bowery, Upper West Side, the Cloisters, West and East Villages, downtown, and surrounding boroughs, there’s never not something to do, see, or experience. One day is a short amount of time, and definitely not enough to mingle with all the city has to offer, but it’s enough to make you a believer in the fantasy Sex and the City and You’ve Got Mail have made popular. If 24 hours is all the time you’ve got, here’s how you should spend it. First tip: Go where the people go, and that’s downtown, below 14th Street. That’s where the magic happens and continues to happen well into the night.