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    7 Natural Remedies For Healing the Pains Of PMS

    from drinking water to pampering yourself, here are the best ways to relieve PMS naturally

    by elizabeth koke 2016-01-31T12:30:00-05:00

    Are you one of those lucky people who suffer from EPIC, OUT OF CONTROL, WORLD-RATTLING PMS? I am. The tears! The rage! The snacks! And the pain. The brutal cramping that makes you want to surgically remove one’s own uterus with the nearest sharp object. Early on I would take whatever pain meds I could get my hands on. And let’s be real, sometimes I still do. But, for any number of reasons, not everyone can do this all of the time. Maybe the side effects make you sick or drowsy. Maybe you are in recovery from addictions. Maybe you can’t convince your doctor that you need a prescription for something stronger than extra strength Midol. But I have learned a few tips and natural remedies along the way that do really help. Read on for seven ways to ease your mind, mood, and body, the natural way.

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