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    9 awkward celebrity interviews caught on tape

    can't. look. away.

    by Ben Barna 2015-08-07T12:53:00-04:00

    It's been a strange couple of weeks in the weird world of movie promotion. There was Cara Delevingne's uncomfortable interview that set off an Internet-wide referendum on whether she was an entitled, bratty celebrity, or a refreshingly honest one with a low threshold for bullshit. There was Amy Schumer's heroic takedown of a sexist reporter that further cemented her status as a crusader for all women. And then there was that racist encounter between the cast of Fantastic Four and some asshole hosts from Atlanta that pretty much encapsulates the disastrous roll-out of that illfated movie. All of this got us thinking about the car-crash moments between celebrities and their interviewers. Here are some of the best. 


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