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    Abigail Breslin, Human Emoji, Gives Dating Advice

    and shows us her new book, 'this may sound crazy'

    by Yasmeen Gharnit 2015-10-19T13:09:00-04:00

    Photographed by Davon Chandler

    As with most successful child stars, that one role they played when they were simultaneously awkward and super-cute will always be the way the general public sees them. But while Abigail Breslin's Oscar-nominated role in Little Miss Sunshine as the uncomfortably sexualized pageant star Olive Hooper may very well follow her throughout her career—after all, the image of a 10-year-old gyrating to "Super Freak" tends to stick with you, whether you want it to or not—her most recent projects may just be her most captivating.

    In the past year alone, Breslin has played an avenging murderess in Final Girl, wrote a book, This May Sound Crazy, and is at the pink fur-filled helm of television's controversial comedy, Scream Queens. Still, Breslin has managed to stay out of mass media's tight, warping grasp—aside from the time that she came to Selena Gomez's defense, that is—and so while it may sound cliché, she's a surprisingly normal 19-year-old. One who just so happens to be obsessed with boys and has an overwhelming penchant for using emojis and the word "like."

    We caught up with Breslin, dressed her up as some of her favorite emojis (because why not?), and asked her to give us some dating advice. And, like, it was really great.

    Click through the gallery to read the entire interview.

    Sweater by Equipment.

    Photographed by Davon Chandler, styled by Marissa Smith, hair by Janelle Chaplin, makeup by Colby Smith.

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