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    The First Full Video Of Adele Performing "Hello" Will Blow You Away


    by daniel barna November 09, 2015

    Last week, the BBC teased a clip from their upcoming one-hour Adele special, featuring the first-ever live performance of the singer's juggernaut single, "Hello." The only problem was, Adele at The BBC airs on November 20, and it felt cruel to make us wait another two weeks to hear Adele apologize for everything that she's done. 

    Thank god for the French.

    On Saturday, Adele delivered the second live performance of "Hello" at the NRJ Awards in Cannes (France's Grammys), and the performance is available to watch in its entirety right now. That's bad news for the BBC, and good news for us. Watch above. 

    Added bonus: A Korean high-school student is trying to steal Adele's thunder with her own live rendition of "Hello," and it's scary how close she comes:

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