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by: liza darwin

April 14 2014


The Curator: Liza Darwin, Senior Web Editor 

The News: Alexander Wang teams up with H&M on his new capsule 
ICYMI, Alexander Wang is teaming up with H&M on his new collection. The designer announced his new mass market collection at Coachella over the weekend, amidst a --what else?--giant outdoor party. The clothing and accessories will hit 250 H&M stores starting November 6, so stay tuned for more details. In the meantime, better guard your closets (and wallets....)

The Look: 
Adidas x Opening Ceremony
Confession: I haven't been to the gym in way too long. But that little tidbit won't stop me from lusting over the new Adidas x Opening ceremony collection of sporty-cool goods. My favorites are a tie between the blush pink jumpsuit and the luxe sweatshirt, but let's be real--I'll take 'em all.

The Face: Astrid Berges-Frisbey
There's just something so chic and French and effortless about Parisian actress Astrid Berges-Frisbey, who turned up at a movie premiere wearing--get this--practically zero makeup. And yet, she still looks totally gorgeous. Let this be all the inspiration we need to skip the time spent staring at ourselves in the mirror and get outside and play instead. 

The Inspiration: Tomboy Spring '14
The weekend might've ended, but you know what? Nobody's saying this still can't be the best day ever. So I'm taking a page from the Korean brand Tomboy's spring '14 campaign and slapping a giant smile on my face. Hey, fake it til you make it!  

The Song: "Tongues" by PAWS
Take a '90s rock sound, some garage band riffs, and a sticky-sweet chorus, mix them all together in a sonic blender with a dash of grungey swagger, and you've got the latest from PAWS. Love at first listen! 

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