5 Natural Skin-Care Superstars You Need In Your Life

get earthy

Plant photo via Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Everyone’s skincare routine needs a revamping every now and then. Beyond the fact that you might be getting tired of your old products or just want to try something new, it’s scientifically proven that switching up your time-tested lineup every now and then can be beneficial to your skin. 

And what’s more beneficial than the bounty of nature? From food to cosmetics, science and common sense have consistently shown that earth-derived ingredients are better for our bodies (and not to mention, safer). While eating only organic or bathing in pure, artesian spring water may not be the most practical, we could all use a little more Mother Earth in our environments—and our medicine cabinets. Read on to discover five fantastic under-the-radar skin-care obsessions you need to know ASAP, direct from our saved faces to yours.