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    15 Natural Deodorants You Should Probably Switch To

    the ultimate pit test

    by Sydney Gore 2016-01-25T11:30:00-05:00

    Once puberty hits, combating body odor becomes one of your biggest priorities in life. Picking the right deodorant can be a tricky process. For some, it's all about the scent. For others, the absorbency counts the most. There are so many different products to choose from, but depending on where you shop for hygenic necessities, your choices may be limited. As it turns out, some deodorants contain ingredients that are not suited for your body. Most antiperspirants and deodorants are primarily made with aluminum, which has been linked to cancer. So if this stuff is bad for you, how is it even allowed to be sold on the market?

    In an effort to stop using products of this nature, we decided to test out some alternatives. (You'd be surprised at how many natural deodorants can be found at your local grocery, drug, or convenience store.) Some of the products were marketed toward men, but that didn't stop us! We got our hands dirty with 15 of the trendiest sticks, creams, and sprays on the market right now to figure out which of these products are really the best of the bunch. All of the items hit different price points too, so there's something here for every budget.

    Read our collective review of 15 natural deodorants in the gallery, above!

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