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    "Like, Explore America" In The New 'American Honey' Trailer

    Dream, baby, dream

    by Hayden Manders August 17, 2016

    Photo courtesy of A24

    Andrea Arnold's Cannes favorite American Honey is nearly ready to sweep the nation. A new trailer, fronted by the iconic American sounds of Bruce Springsteen, promises a visual, generation-defining treat. 

    "Only a few times a generation does a film speak to youth in a lasting and powerful way," a voiceover reads as Arnold's lush, orange-tinted vision of America flashes across the screen. The voiceover is reading Ryland Aldrich's review for ScreenAnarchy, which feels odd in today's movie trailer landscape. But it adds a nice element of nostalgia, whether it's done ironically or not. There's a sentimentality that complements Shia LaBeouf and Sasha Lane's epic road trip across the States with a motley crew of traveling salespeople. In his review, Aldrich continues to say, "This film is about the American dream; that any possibility is open to each and every person, no matter what difficult circumstances brought them to this point." He cites how optimistic the nearly three-hour adventure is, saying, "Arnold and her team deserve the absolute highest praise for their achievement." 

    That's quite the statement, but after watching the trailer a couple times over, it's not coming out of left field. Expect to get a taste American Honey come September 30 when it's released in theaters. 

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