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    'ANTM' Recap: The Guy Who Gets A Hickey

    secret lovers, photo retouching feelings, and more!

    by lacey rogers 2015-09-04T13:00:00-04:00

    Photo via the CW

    #IWokeUpLikeThis…but did you really? Everyone knows that models must have their full eight hours of “beauty sleep,” right? Well, Bello does. 

    In this episode, relationships grow stronger between some of the models: Mikey and Ashley, and Justin and Mame get quite cozy together. Bello had to be the bearer of bad news as he told Mikey and Ashley that they can’t get “cozy together,” as he is trying to get his full eight hours of beauty rest. Not six, not seven, but eight hours. This causes a tremendous uproar in the middle of the night, and everyone thought Mikey was going to meet Bello’s face with his fist. It was a close call, but no punches were thrown. 


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