woven provocations: meet artist erin m. riley

spinning selfies to another level

Photo via Erin M. Riley

Brooklyn-based artist Erin M. Riley’s studio isn’t filled with what you’d expect. There’s a vintage weaving loom, piles of hand-dyed yarn, and racy photos of semi-naked women. Merging a traditional craft with modern social media culture, Erin painstakingly hand-weaves tapestries of sexy selfies gathered from the Internet.

After discovering weaving in art school, Erin steadily honed the precise skills needed to execute hand-made tapestries. Today, she’s one of few millennial artists keeping traditional weaving alive. With her first solo exhibition on view through March 19th at Los Angeles’s Soze Gallery, Erin’s boundary-pushing work is garnering more attention than ever before.

In the gallery, she discusses her strongest influences, how she finds selfies, and much more. Check out more of Erin’s work here.