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    NYLON Guys Remembers David Bowie

    paying homage to the starman

    by keryce chelsi henry 2016-01-18T16:42:05-05:00

    Collage photos via Norman Wong, Justin Loy, Tommy Ga-Ken Wan, Chris Shonting, Jay Hanna.

    In the days since David Bowie's passing, we've gradually progressed from heart-stopping grief to fond reverence as we look back on his influence. But while many artists only receive the acknowledgement and respect they deserve posthumously, when it's too late, Bowie is (and here he takes the unique distinction of being referred to in the present tense even in his afterlife, as his work lives on eternally) among the few geniuses whose creations are so strong, so impactful that he demanded our attention and deference immediately—and we did our best to make that obvious while he was still with us. Clear example: A running feature in the print edition of NYLON Guys was "On the Record," in which iconic musicians shared the 10 albums that shaped their own sounds. While we spoke to artists from many different walks of life, with completely disparate voices, one artist proved to have been a staple in their record collections: Bowie, of course. 
    Here, we look back into some "On the Record" features and reminisce with the artists who are as much a fan of Bowie as us. 
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