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    sextrology: the best way to hook up with any astrological sign

    Freak Me Right

    by christie craft 2015-07-19T11:00:00-04:00

    Illustrations by Devin Elida Kelly

    There’s no sexier time of the year than deep summer. As hemlines become shorter and more skin is revealed to combat sweltering humidity and scorching temperatures, it’s near impossible to not feel a little, well, hot. Just walking down a crowded street and brushing against a sexy stranger’s exposed flesh can fill a mundane moment with the frenzied energy akin to that of a packed club’s sweaty, orgy-like dance floor.

    It’s no wonder, then, why so much of our summer is spent making moves to bring us all a little closer—physically. Our romantic radar is teeming with options this time of year, and luckily, astrology can serve as an excellent tool to navigating your way into the boudoir. After all, you can either take an active roll in catching that babe’s eye, or simply stalk them silently on every social-media channel available; the choice is yours.

    Go on and sweat, girl.

    Tags: astrology, dating advice, sex
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