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    your august horoscope says this month will be huge

    written in the stars

    by christie craft 2015-08-01T10:30:00-04:00

    Illustrations by Sariel Friedman

    We may feel like we’re in a slump during these last dog days of summer, but the excitement of the season isn’t over just yet. Venus, the sensual ruler of love, romance, comfort, and money, will travel retrograde through Leo all month, a provocative aspect for rewiring any of these parts of your life that need repairs. This will be an extremely revelatory month, so if you’re unsure if any of these areas need revamping, you’ll know soon enough. 

    Jupiter steals the show on August 11, when he moves on from his fortuitous, yearlong stay in Leo and into meticulous and earthy Virgo. Until September 2016, all 12 of the zodiac will have golden opportunities to put matters related to health, daily routine, and work life under the microscope. Everyone will experience more support in these areas, but this will be felt especially strongly on August 26, the luckiest, sunniest day of the entire month for all signs. 

    August 14 boasts a bold and brilliant new moon in fiery Leo, clearing the way for some well-deserved excitement. You’ll be handed a clean slate to start fresh in matters of the heart and creative pursuits. Seek out anything that brings you the most pleasure and joy (safely), this month. You simply won’t be able to resist hedonism's last siren song of summer. 

    The month’s end will be focused on ironing out communication static, along with escaping. Mercury will enter congenial Libra on August 27, making collaborations and partnership negotiations buttery-smooth. Once the Pisces full moon closes the month on the 29th, you’ll be beyond stoked to sit by the beach or the pool. Whatever your druthers, make sure to spend that weekend relaxing—you’ll need to restore your energy for an even busier September. 

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