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    we have their first single free!

    by liza darwin December 13, 2010
    It's hard not to make comparisons to other musicians when you listen to The Good Natured. Fronted by 19-year-old Sarah McIntosh, you could say the U.K. band sounds a little like a darker, goth version of Kate Nash or even a techo-infused Lily Allen.

    But what sets this group apart is McIntosh, whose quirky vocals and rebellious punk-vintage style ensure that she's definitely not another teenybopper. The band's debut single, "Be My Animal," is a catchy synth-pop track filled with staccato drum beats and enchanting vocals. Just like The Good Natured, it's a little rough around the edges...and we can't get enough.

    Download "Be My Animal" for free here!
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