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    do bb creams for your nails and body actually work?

    by liza darwin July 16, 2014

    BB cream is nothing new. In fact, this tinted moisturizer/coverup/sunscreen hybrid has been a beauty mainstay in Asia for decades, but only landed stateside several years ago. And hopefully by now we don't have to tell you about its complexion-perfecting properties, because you've tried 'em out for yourself.

    It's like a really flattering Instagram filter, except one that you can rock IRL and lasts all day long. What's not to love, right?

    Bottom line: BB works, which means that everywhere from drugstores to luxe makeup companies are currently cashing in on its success. However, like all good things (see also: hit Hollywood movies, designer It items, and cool girls), a secret weapon like this one risks overexposure.

    It's not that surprising, then, that suddenly BB-branded items are popping up on hair productslipsticks, body lotions, and even nailpolish. But which ones are actually worth buying? Click through the gallery to find out!

    Tags: beauty, skin, nails
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