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    song premiere: beach party

    soak up the sunshine with "my baby"!

    by liza darwin January 15, 2014

    photo by adam morganstein

    It doesn't really matter that the four guys in Beach Party rarely spend time at the seaside--you'd never know it while listening to's grungy, surf-rock songs. Practically dripping with sunshine, we can always count on James Hurst, Rob Banks, Adam Arcos and Nico Macciocca to bring the dance party with their scuzzed-out song and beachy melodies. 

    Their newest single "My Baby" swirls together a rumbling drum intro, blasting guitar riffs and an in-your-face chorus for three minutes of pure California bliss. We'd like to imagine it's fueled by sand, 90-degree weather, and a six-pack of Corona...which, in the middle of January, sounds like heaven.

    Take a mental vacation and crank up the volume on the premiere of Beach Party's new single below (no sunscreen necessary). 

    Want more? Listen to Beach Party here. 
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