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    The Best Outtakes From Our 2016 Beauty Awards

    These are too good to not share

    by jade taylor September 30, 2016

    Photographed by Anairam.

    The hardest part about putting together our 2016 Beauty Hit List was to edit it down for a print-sized version for the magazine. Over two days, we shot 13 girls, all hand-selected by yours truly, and the outcome was hundreds of gorgeous photos to choose from. Click through the images and see all the outtakes that didn't make it inside the magazine.

    Makeup: Lindsey Williams at Kate Ryan Inc. using Dior Addict.
    Hair: Travis Speck at Sally Hershberger Downtown.
    Manicurist: Fleury Rose at Bryan Bantry using Dior Vernis.
    Hair Assistant: Jamie Kottis at Sally Hershberger Downtown.
    Models: Mallory MerkAlana DerksenBianca ValleSabrina FuentesCeilidh JoyRachel TrachtenburgSasha FrolovaRuby JuneSeashellAlexis JaeLeafCoco LayneJazzeppi Zanaughtti
    Special thanks to Remy Moore.

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