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    dear diary

    the coolest journals to kick off 2014.

    by steff yotka January 08, 2014
    By now we've all settled into 2014 life, going back to work, school, yoga classes and maybe slacking a little on those resolutions we swore we'd keep....

    OK, so a little procrastinating is fine, but I really want 2013 to be the year of me, so I'm getting my game on track by buying a journal and chronicling the highs, lows, craft beers, shoe splurges, books I've loved, and flip cup scores that make up my 2014. I'm thinking about it like this: The more cool things I do in 2014, the more awesome journal entries I'll have. If that's not incentive to get out there and live, then I don't know what is. 

    But much like finding the perfect pair of shoes, finding a journal you love enough to tote around for 365 days is a hard task, so I've complied a couple of my ultimate faves in the gallery, from one starring Ryan Gosling to a pretty floral one to an incognito version for writers on the lam. Find your match and get your "Dear Diary..." voice ready. 

    Tags: culture, books
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