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    The 15 Best, Warmest Movies To Stream On Netflix This November

    stay toasty on the couch.

    by gabriel bell 2015-11-16T14:00:00-05:00

    Image via New Line Cinema

    November is bleak, yo. In more than half the country, everything outside drops dead, the sun only gives us, like, 20 minutes of light a day, and the wind bites at your arms. Oh, and then there's that whole Thanksgiving deal, which—let's face it—is just as likely to drive you into family-inspired madness as family-inspired joy. 

    To get you through this month, we've gathered up 15 movies available on your favorite streaming service that are not only charming, exhilarating, and damned good, but more often than not set in the warmer climes of sunny Los Angeles. We've also added their Rotten Tomatoes ratings so you know what you're getting into and links to Netflix so you can add them to your list right away. Click through and keep warm.

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