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    25 essential LGBTQ books to read, now

    knowledge is pride

    by Hayden Manders June 25, 2015

    Photo: Courtesy of Grove Press

    More often than not, the words in a book can open our eyes to different people and ways of life other forms of entertainment cannot. The lack of pictures truly forces our minds to consider, imagine, and project ourselves into situations our day-to-day lives don’t normally present. As such, we come to learn and possibly—nay, hopefully—come to empathize with those we would otherwise not. The selections ahead fall into a category that is, in and of itself, made up: LGBTQ. Queer-centric stories—whether fiction or non—get lumped into their own category, and as such, many stories go unread. Many great stories. The following list highlights 25 essential LGBTQ stories that present the queer experience as a diverse and well-rounded one. No matter your sexual identity, these stories will entertain and educate. A Pride Month special that’s good year-round.

    Stories We Love