The Most Memorable Sex Scenes Of 2015

nsfw, obvz

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.

What makes a great sex scene? Is it the lighting? The realism (or lack thereof)? The commitment? The chemistry? Or is it something more indescribable—a mercurial spark that can’t be quantified—you know, like actual sex. If you’re Jennifer Lawrence, a bottle of whiskey is the pathway to mind-blowing pretend screwing. If you’re Saoirse Ronan, choreography is key. Whatever the trick is, 2015 was filled with all types of cinematic nookie—from the awkward, to the arousing, to the absurd, to those electric, escapist fantasies that only the movies and television can deliver. With that in mind, here’s our list of the year’s most memorable on-screen expressions of human desires. If you’re not alone, headphones are strongly recommended.