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drink up!

and chill out with the best summer cocktails.

A couple weekends ago I spent an entire day eating. Granted, not super unusual... but this was way beyond hot dogs and cereal, I'm talking Legit. Fine. Dining. For. An. Entire. Day. 
This was thanks to the Bon Appetit Greenpoint Grub Crawl-- it was epic. If there's one thing it taught me (aside from the importance of sunscreen and having a purse big enough to hold free cookies), it's that the only thing better than fresh delicious food, is fresh delicious food with a fresh delicious drink. 
After all, 'tis the season of BBQ-ing and day drinking! Whether you're brunching, spending a warm night out on the town, or just straight chillin, we've got a drink for you. I'm not much of a mixologist myself (what are bitters, anyway?) but these drinks are definitely worth the extra effort. 
Scroll through the gallery to check out where I got my drank on AND find the perfect cocktail to match your summer '14 vibe.
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