the best sunglasses for every face shape

finding the shade of best fit

illustrated by liz riccardi

The hunt for the perfect pair of sunglasses can be as grueling as the sun you’re trying to shield your peepers from. Store after store, pair after pair—it can quickly become an existential crisis of the aesthetic kind. And how many of us have taken the time to consider what the shape of our face really is. Probably not many, and instead we settle for frames that kind of work. 

But enough of all that. It's time to figure your face out and get some shades that fit. So, with the help of Tiffany & Co., we’ve gone ahead and created a comprehensive cheat sheet to finding the right type of sunglasses to fit your face shape this season. 7 types, 14 pairs of glasses—there’s something here for everyone. Just be wary wearing them at night.