10 Things We've Come To Realize So Far This Year

2016 is truly a year of "realizing stuff"

Photo via Kylie Jenner

On January 20, 2016, the prophet Kylie Jenner predicted this year will be the year of "realizing stuff." In a video posted to her YouTube channel, she says "Everyone around me, we're all just, like, realizing things." True! One platitude is worth a thousand words. And with a little less than half a year left before 2017 comes barging into our lives like the gigantic Kool-Aid pitcher it is, the time to take stock in what we've realized has never been more appropriate. 

They say you have to think something into existence, but no one could possibly have thought Harambe would happen; the same can be said of Kim Kardashian West's CVS-length "Famous" receipts. Though, perhaps the youngest Jenner simply uttering that simple phrase was enough to set the gears in motion. Either way, we've come to realize some real lies with our real eyes... among other things, of course. Read on for our discoveries.