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    Jessica Biel + Zosia Mamet's Indie Film Is Super Intense

    'bleeding heart'

    by Yasmeen Gharnit November 04, 2015

    To say that Bleeding Heart is an interesting, unexpected choice for both Jessica Biel and Zosia Mamet is a bit of an understatement. Although Biel has starred in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake, and Mamet in United States of Tara for a period of time, neither has really ventured into dark, realistic territory—at least not in the way that Bleeding Heart presents it. 

    The film follows Biel's character May, a yoga instructor who hires a private investigator to find the half-sister she never met. But instead of finding someone with their life together, she finds Shiva (played by Mamet), a sex worker with a tempermental boyfriend-slash-pimp (played by Joe Anderson) who favors violence over just about anything else. From there, things get predictably messy and lines get blurred as May tries to find a way to "save" her sister. 

    In this exclusive clip, we get a glimpse of the intensity and destructiveness that carries throughout the film. Watch it above and see the entire film on Video on Demand now, or in theatres December 11.

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