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    Blossoms Is The New Brit Pop Takeover We've Been Waiting For

    The British are coming!

    by Daniela Tijerina 2016-10-16T16:00:00-04:00

    When you grow up making music in Stockport it's hard not to be influenced by those who came before you, especially when some of those people include Oasis, The Arctic Monkeys, and The Libertines. But despite all the comparisons, Blossoms has claimed a sound all their own.

    As a self-described "euphoric guitar synth pop" band, Tom Ogden, Josh Dewhurst, Myles Kellock, Charlie Salt, and Joe Donovan are singing the heartbreak blues, which we can all relate to, but in ways we haven't been lucky enough to hear in recent years. 

    Before they make their way across the pond for a show at Baby's All Right in Brooklyn, New York, we took the time to chat with frontman Ogden to get the scoop on their self-titled debut.

    How did Blossoms form? 
    Tom Ogden: We were all in different bands around Stockport and we were kind of unsatisfied in the bands we were in at the time. Me and the drummer, Joe, we’ve been best mates since year eight at school, so we just got together with the bass player from his band, Charlie, and we got Josh in on the guitar. So we all four got together at first in January and immediately clicked—it felt different from the other bands we had been in before. But because we were still in the other bands we kind of left some time for them to simmer out, you know, as you would with a relationship. You wouldn’t like, jump into bed with someone straight away, would you? So we kind of let them fade out and then by August we were really ready to start pushing it. We wanted a keyboard player so that’s when Miles joined the band and that’s the five piece that we are today. So really August 2013 is when it properly started and we rehearsed five days a week and had a gig every other weekend and that’s when we really started pushing it and recording music. 
    Why did you guys want to get together and make music? 
    TO: Well it was never a career choice to say ‘yeah I’m going to have a career in music.’ We literally just jumped into it. It was just something to do and we enjoyed doing it. We all had a laugh together but obviously we took it seriously and we felt like we wanted to be a good band but it wasn’t like we were going to do it to take over the world immediately. But when we got together it was evident that we had something special and it just clicked in a way that it didn’t in the other bands. It felt quite organic and natural, and once you get the taste for it you want to start pushing it and getting more gigs. Things came step by step and quickly we became obsessed with it and wanted to just spend time together making music all the time.
    Since you’re in a band with some of your best friends, what are the dynamics like?
    TO: Well you’ve got Miles, who is probably the craziest one. He’s quite mad but in the best way possible. He’s a really funny guy and he comes up with the strangest things and sees the world a little bit differently. He’s like a clown, but a loveable clown. Joe the drummer is really organized. He’s the one to say ‘all right, we’re rehearsing everyday.’ He’s got the work ethic. He’s a very driven person, which is what you need. Charlie is the oldest member of the band. He’s 25 and he’s like the dad of the group. He’ll always notice if you’re a bit upset and he’ll always make sure you’re all right. He’s a good lad to be around—he’s funny, and he’s up for a drink as well. Josh is the quietest member of the band, but only really to the outside world. I mean, we’ve been together for three and half years so we see things that other people don’t see. He’s a very funny guy but he keeps to himself. He doesn’t drink, but he’s a great guitarist and a great musician all around. 
    What were your expectations of being in a band when Blossoms first started and how has that aligned with the reality that you’re experiencing now?
    TO: I realize when I meet other people in bands who have been heroes to me growing up like Alex Turner, Ian Brown, and Johnny Marr, that they’re just normal people. It’s kind of a long days, late nights, and early mornings kind of thing—you’ve just got to be prepared to put the work in. I think from the start we’ve had that work ethic. We’ve also got great management and we haven’t been exposed to a lot of bullshit that other people have, so my experience has been pretty cool. I’ve really enjoyed it and I’m just grateful I get to make music and tour the world with my best mates. That’s the beauty of it.
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