are you ready to ride the indigo beauty wave?

    by liza darwin · July 22, 2011
    Although blue eyeliner's won an admittedly well-deserved bad rap thanks to a slew of unfortunate '80s movie heroines, there's no denying it: shades of navy, turquoise, and robins egg have been popping up models' faces for past few fashion weeks, making the latest unavoidable beauty trend.

    But is this eye-popping look (pun intended) actually wearable in real life?

    We think it's totally awesome , just as long as you keep the lines clean, the rest of your makeup fresh, and the glitter to a minimum (after all, we probably won't be making Katy Perry's Last Friday Night music video a Private Icon anytime soon).  But with bright hues like this, it's the ultimate lazy beauty secret weapon- roll out of bed, one swipe, and you're good to go.
    Check out our favorite brand-new cerulean picks below, and let us know if you're feeling the blue crush.

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