book club: a collection a day

    stop hoarding. start collecting.

    by ali hoffman · April 05, 2011
    Fact: The hardest thing about starting a collection is deciding what to collect.

    Another Fact: The second hardest thing is committing to it. 

    Whether it's matchboxes, foreign currency, or Beanie Babies, we're all guilty of abandoning a collection or two.  

    All of us, that is, except for Lisa Congdon, who's project / blog A Collection a Day 2010 makes us feel both inspired and envious.  For an entire year, Congdon posted a photograph of a different pile of stuff each day, ranging from vintage dominoes to plastic reindeer. 

    You can now find all 365 of Congdon's amazing sets of curiosities in her new book A Collection a Day, which comes packaged in an oh-so-appropriate collector's tin.  Our advice: Buy the book for your coffee table and get started on spring-cleaning.

    A Collection A Day, $35 at Big Kartel
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