editor's pick: rise and shine

10 ways to have the best day ever.

courtesy of net-a-porter/the edit
Most of the time, I'm not the type of person to take my horoscope too seriously. But when Susan Miller informed me that I would have not one, but two "challenging" days this April, I freaked out a little bit.

I mean, c'mon! Mercury's not even in retrograde, you guys...can't I get a break? But rather than giving up and resigning myself to the worst.month.ever I'm trying my hardest to do the opposite--and it's going pretty well so far.

So whether your horoscope is less than ideal or if you're just in need of a boost, click my 10 tried-and-true ways to make your day better ASAP/ Puppies, awesome songs, and hilarious faces, this way....