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    8 ‘buffy’ facts even diehards might not know

    do you know all 8?

    by jayson flores 2015-08-12T16:41:54-04:00

    Photo courtesy of 20th Century Fox Television

    Buffy may have ended back in 2003, but it lives on today through its dedicated, fiercely loyal fanbase, and through the stars that brought it to life more than 10 years ago. The show’s star (and former NYLON cover girl), Sarah Michelle Gellar, can often be found tweeting about the show or getting fans hyped on her mom-tastic Instagram. She’s always willing to chat about the show and returns the love that her fans give her—and then some. It’s this exchange, and the continued discussions around the show, that keep it relevant in a time where we have more programs to choose from than ever before.

    Buffy fans are unlike any other fans in the world, but there are hidden facts and developments that even the most devout fan might have missed. Do you think you know everything there is to know about Buffy? Check out these eight facts below, and then be completely honest with yourself: Did you know all of them? 

    Also, here’s a SPOILER WARNING in case you’re new to the show and are watching it for the first time on Netflix.

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