The 13 Sexiest Scenes Of The 2010s (So Far) Are Very NSFW

get ur freak on

Image via Wild Bunch Films

As we’re exactly halfway through a very sexy decade, we thought it best to look back at all the onscreen celebrity sexiness recorded since 2010. 

What we found is that, after the era that brought us 9 Songs, Shortbus, and many other blazing-hot (and sometimes unsimulated) moments, Hollywood, foreign, and indie films have slowed down a bit and taken their time with more interesting, less-explicit depictions of the act of love. Matter of fact, some of the best scenes here feature fully clothed partners, disembodied voices, and lovers magically connecting from hundreds of miles away. Fancy that.

Odd, though, as some of them may be, the best sex scenes of the 2010s are still as hot and as filled with gorgeous actors as any in decades past. So, without any further delay, we present our very NSFW picks starting on the very next page. Feel free to share with the partner of your choice.

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