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    chrissy teigen isn't afraid to call you out on your bulls**t

    (as always)

    by Yasmeen Gharnit 2015-08-28T12:58:17-04:00

    Photo by Jason Merritt

    The Internet is filled with many great and wonderful things, but it's also become a place where bullies have run free with the concept of free speech. If anyone understands this, it's Chrissy Teigen. Over the past few years, the former model has been publicly attacked and criticized on Twitter, Instagram, and nearly every other social-media platform about everything from her personal appearance to the fact that she licks seasoning off Doritos. But, like many other celebrities, Teigen isn't standing for it anymore, and is helping to usher in a new era where women fight back against negative trolls

    "Once in a while, I’m just blown away by how people can be so directly mean to you," Teigen says, sitting crosslegged at Miami's Mondrian hotel. "I think people don’t realize how much celebrities read. But then great things come out of reading all your comments, because you're able to be in touch with your fans and talk to them in ways that you would have never been able to before. It’s 99 percent long as you can deal with all of the idiots."

    While she's quick to call out her haters ("Do you just assume that I have no feelings or do you not care, or are you just a bitch? Be better.") and engage with her supporters, she admits that she's taken a step back from social media. "The cycle is so exhausting," she says. "I still Tweet, but you’re not going to see me fuck with John or anything too serious, because it’s exhausting and I’m unprepared for it…it bums me out too much." 

    Instead, she immerses herself in projects she's passionate about—her partnership with Captain Morgan, her upcoming cookbook, her food blog, and her various TV shows: Lip Sync Battle and The FAB Life. She also hosts a mean dinner party, which you'd know if you were one of her 3.1 million Instagram followers. 

    And although she has had to pull herself back from writing "the dumbest shit" on social media, she's refreshingly open to speaking her mind. She's also not afraid to tell you when your Twitter handle is ridiculous: "You know you can change it, right?" she asks me when I tell her mine

    Click through the gallery to see our interview with Teigen. Then show her some @ love—she's hilarious and deserves it. 

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