cmj by the numbers

everything you need to know about this year's music marathon.

CMJ 2013 is officially over--but that doesn't mean we're still not thinking about it (or that our ears aren't still ringing--that's what happens when you rock out to Joanna Gruesome not once, not twice, but three times in as many days).

After five days of seeing tons of bands, we've got our guide to the annual music marathon. Think bands that wowed us, venues that excited us, and foods that fueled us.

Read through it, and then let us know on Twitter and Facebook who your favorite bands of CMJ 2013 were.

Number of bands we saw: 17
Number of beers we drank: 5
Number of mullets we spotted: 2
Number of pizza-for-dinner nights we had: 2
Number of times a guitarist stepped on one of our feet during a set: 1

Band That Lived Up To The Hype: Eagulls
Most Likely to Soundtrack a CW Series: Little Daylight
Best Cure For Pre-Winter Blues: TV Girl
Most Likely To Give Warm Fuzzies: Quilt
Best Band Hair: Tie between Cults and the drummer in Yuck
Most Popular: Joanna Gruesome
Biggest Band: Kan Wakan, which has seven people in the band
Most Likely To Give You Noise-Pop Dreams: Bleeding Rainbow
Most Likely To Succeed: Lucius