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    cold fronts

    an original fashion shoot on a winter beach.

    by Yasmeen Gharnit January 14, 2015

    all photos by franey miller

    Call us weirdos, but one of our favorite winter pasttimes is taking long walks across a snow-dust beaches. Yes, in doing so, we're subjecting ourselves to beyond freezing temperatures and a touch of the flu, but there's something about the wide-open space and crashing waves that make it all worth it. 

    For our latest online fashion shoot, photographer Franey Miller, stylist Haley Loewenthal, and model Virginia Slaghekke headed over to Rockaway Beach, braving the brutally freezing temperatures in cozy knits and over-sized layers. The result? Dreamy photos and purple lips. Click through the gallery and get ready to cool off.

    Photos by Franey Miller  IG @franeymiller
    Styled by Haley Loewenthal  IG @haleygirl1
    Model: Virginia Slaghekke from Trump Models IG @virginias90

    Tags: fashion
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