5 Reasons To Nerd Out Over This Weekend's Comic-Con

Release your inner geek

Photo courtesy of Collider

Comic-Con, the annual mecca for all things nerdy, officially kicks off today in San Diego. If you're not familiar with it, it's tempting to dismiss this as an insular gathering of comic book stans, video game fanatics, and cosplay weirdos. But Comic-Con has come a long way since its fringier beginnings. Today it's a star-studded affair that serves as a launching pad for some of Hollywood's most anticipated (and expensive) releases, and as a chance for fans to get insider looks at their favorite TV shows. The four-day event also features an endless parade of panels featuring the creators of some of your deepest obsessions, and then at night, everyone gets drunk and geeks out over what they saw during the day. And speaking of geeking out, here are five of the Comic-Con moments we're most looking forward to.