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    constance zimmer gets totally real

    the 'entourage' star opens up

    by ali hoffman 2015-05-26T12:00:00-04:00

    Photographed by Myles Pettengill

    You might know her as the mega-bitch Dana Gordon on Entourage. Or, you probably caught her as Janine Skorsky, the no-bullshit journalist and rival-turned-friend of Kate Mara’s character on House of Cards. Or, maybe, you watched her spit biting insults as spokeswoman Taylor Warren on The Newsroom. Soon, you'll be obsessed with her Cersei-Lannister-of-reality-TV turn as Quinn King in UnReal, a show that is already garnering serious praise for being a too-true commentary about reality television and the way we love watching women tear each other down. You see, there’s one common thread you can always count on with Constance Zimmer: She kills at playing a blunt, sharp-as-a-tack, and straight-up badass, not-be-screwed-with lady. And, she’s happy to do it. “At first, I didn’t like being put in this box as the strong, assertive, very confrontational woman. But, I’ve really embraced it! I’m very proud to play those types of characters. They’re so unfiltered—I love it!”

    Though she may come off intimidating on screen, we’re happy to confirm that in real life Zimmer is welcoming, kind, and cucumber-cool. That said, like most of the women she portrays, this actress is 100% authentic. Today, with two shows premiering next month, a handful of recurring guests spots, and a couple movies in the can, it’s safe to say Zimmer is having a major moment (UnReal premieres June 1, Entourage hits theaters June 3). We sat down with the actress in L.A. to discuss how she manages to keep her head on straight. Consider this her bona fide guide to staying true to herself in an industry that is about as un-real as it gets.

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