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    How To Make Badass Frosted Cookies Like A Pro

    oh you fancy, huh

    by dani deahl 2016-02-12T16:33:00-05:00

    Photos by PHIVES Photography.

    Cookies! Who doesn't love a cookie? And, who doesn't love a beautiful, glossy, pro-looking frosted cookie? I have an obsession for confections, and adore creating fun, frosted cookies for my friends. Not only is it an enjoyable DIY and hobby, but let's be real, it's super impressive to walk into any door with a plate of blinged-out biscuits. Look, I get it can be daunting—searching for "cookie decorating tutorials" on YouTube (which I have definitely done ... a lot) yields 154,000 results. Ain't nobody got time for that. Goodie for you, through a million tutorial videos, trial and error, and lots of grumbled swearing, I've learned the dos and don'ts of basic cookie decorating and am presenting them here to you today. 

    Ahead, find out how you, yes you, can turn your little 'ol homemade sugar cookies into tiny jewels of NSFW art. They're almost too pretty to eat. Almost.

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