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    #nylongirlproblems: how to dress for london fashion week

    our market director breaks down the essentials every brit girl needs.

    by rachael wang February 13, 2014

    photo courtesy of erdem

    Got fashion questions? We've got answers. Welcome to #nylongirlproblems, where every week our Market Director Rachael Wang answers your most pressing style quandaries. Need help? Tweet us your issues using the hashtag #nylongirlproblems, then check back to see what she says. Yes, it's that easy. You're so welcome.

    The Question:
    How should I dress for London Fashion Week?!

    The Answer: London is my favorite fashion week to attend. It's colorful, creative and the designers take risks in a way that doesn't really happen in New York, Paris, and Milan. There's a great balance mixed between fresh up-and-coming talent and the classic established fashion houses that make it so much fun. In honor of LFW I rounded up the 10 coolest pieces from London designers that every NYLON girl should have.
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