10 cult classics that CAN’T be remade

don’t. touch. these. movies.

photo courtesy of paramount pictures

There are some things in this world better left alone. Coffee-drinkers before they have their morning coffee, men who live for football, and classic, cult cinema. These truths are held to be self-evident, because there are few feelings worse than the crushing realization that a movie that rests in your heart may have its legacy stomped for the sake of moolah for major studios.

As said studios run out of original ideas, reboots and remakes are frequently the fall-back safety net. Business-wise, they’re smart, but creatively and emotionally they’re (generally) awful. I mean, raise your hand if you’ve ever felt personally victimized by a terrible remake?

Chances are, something you cherish will be up for remake speculation at one point or another. So please, take a stand with me and let studios know that there are some movies that CAN’T be remade. (Of course, these are only 10 films among many.)