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    17 Movies That Should Have Cult Followings But Don’t…Yet

    you’ve got some watching to do

    by gabriel bell, leila brillson and Hayden Manders 2015-09-24T15:14:00-04:00

    Image Courtesy Entertainment One Films.

    There is no exact formula for why a box-office failure or bizarre indie film becomes a cult classic. Similarly, there’s no accounting for the reasons why other equally worthy, weird, and lovable movies wind up in history’s dustbin. Why did Party Girl get the nod and not Strange Days? Why Rocky Horror and not Blood and Black Lace? Why Clueless and not its genre predecessor, Valley Girl ? Truly, what makes a cult classic a cult classic is a combination of magic and luck.

    Well, we’re trying to take the luck out of the process by introducing you to a just a few of the forgotten gems that, with a little watching and little love, could shine up nicely into the new killer cult flicks you share with friends and watch over and over again. To recap: These movies deserve shine and love for being campy, smart, and totally reflective of the era in which they were created. Let's call these the unsung cult classics, shall we?

    Read on for the best films that aren’t cult favorites…yet.

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