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    The Types of Guys You Meet on Different Dating Apps

    what our investigation revealed

    by Claire Fitzsimmmons 2016-03-18T13:00:00-04:00

    illustrated by liz riccardi

    Online dating has come a long way in past few years, and instead of the shot-in-the-dark approach to finding your new squeeze, new dating apps increasingly cater to specific niches. Want a fitspo workout partner? Try SWEATT! More specifically—are you into bacon? Try Sizzl! (Or don't, I've heard it's pretty bad). 

    Naturally, different types of apps attract different types of users. I would know, I've tried most of them. Here I present you with a general rundown of the varying stereotypes of men you're likely to meet on these popular dating apps. Matchmaking begins after the break.

    Tags: culture, tech
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