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    Your December Horoscopes Are Here

    Happy birthday, Sagittarius!

    by christie craft 2015-12-01T10:32:28-05:00

    illustrations by liz riccardi

    As the year dwindles down to its last weeks, December becomes a wintry mix of work and play, a mad dash to the finish line peppered with holiday parties and high spirits. For some, it’s a magical month filled with welcome distractions from drab weather and skeletal trees. This December is no different, but with sensual Venus embracing Scorpio’s dark mysteries from December 4 to 30, the month is shrouded in an eerily enchanting veil.

    The fresh, crisp Sagittarius new moon on December 11 is poised for romantic adventures, bolstered by a trine with dreamy Neptune. Venus’ soothing angle to brooding Pluto on December 17 will send transformative energy to relationships and partnerships, either in business or romance. Friction is almost unavoidable on December 19 and 20, when Mercury enters into a prickly conjunct with Uranus and Pluto, sending communications tumbling into a downward spiral. Think twice before speaking—whatever you say now could have damaging repercussions you can’t anticipate. Don’t be surprised if you feel extra nostalgic for family memories, especially as the holidays come to a crest around December 25. A warm, nourishing full moon in Cancer on that day encourages family traditions—embrace the old and establish the new.

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