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    7 Delicious Dinner Toasts That Will Make Your Week Easier

    Let’s toast to simple dinners

    by Brittany Bennett 2016-03-30T12:15:00-04:00

    Photograph by Brittany Bennett

    We love to break it to you: Toast isn’t just for breakfast anymore.

    When you’re almost due for a grocery haul but still have a trickle of ingredients idling in the fridge and maybe half a loaf of bread left, make dinner toast. Think of the bread as a blank canvas for your culinary creativity, using it as an edible utensil for salad, roasted vegetables, dips, and more.

    For the party of one dinner, with constant iCal alerts and distractions, these toasts are easy enough to make between events. And they’re stocked with a variation of toppings to satisfy any craving on the scale of sweet to savory. 

    The recipes make one serving, but can easily be doubled, in case of a second-helpings crave or if you have a "special guest" at your dining table. For seven ways to eat toast for dinner, check out the recipes after the break.


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