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    five new ways to get your hair up

    beyond the topknot

    by 2015-07-07T11:24:00-04:00

    Photographed by Lauren Perlstein

    If your hair is long enough to put into a topknot, chances are, you've got a go-to technique that you could do in your sleep. We're not trying to mess with that—you get those long locks out of your face the best way you know how. 

    That being said: For many of us around here, wearing the same high bun every day of summer gets real, old real fast. So, we asked hairstylist Monae Everett to swing by our office and come up with new ways we can throw our hair up. Sure, they're a little more complicated than the one-and-done knot of yore, but we're up for the challenge. Click through if you are, too. 

    Photographed by Lauren Perlstein; Hair by Monae Everett; Makeup by Colby Smith; Styled by Marissa Smith. 

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