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    So Here’s The ONE Thing You Can Do About Donald Trump…Maybe

    but is it even effective or relevant?

    by gabriel bell 2015-12-11T17:04:53-05:00

    Photo: Scott Olsen/Getty Images

    By any objective definition of the word, Donald Trump’s various comments about Muslims, Latinos, Jewish people, and, in the past, African Americans, are racist. His behavior toward physically disabled people, the financially disempowered, and American prisoners of war are callous and derisive. 

    Trump will tell you straight to your face that he’s one of the "least” bigoted people you could know (yes, he actually said that) and that his positions are merely a countermeasure against the political correctness that is, to him, is one of the biggest problems in the United States (yes, he actually said that, too). He’ll also tell you his branded 400-thread-count sheets are the most luxurious in the world, but that would be a lie, as well.

    Regardless of how he and his various supporters angle his comments, however, a dispassionate look at them reveals a dark strain of ethnic intolerance, cultural ignorance, and needless bullying. But you know this. We know all this. Trump is dangerous and throughly un-American in his values and actions, rising in popularity, and something must be done about it. Even the preponderance of Republicans are saying as much.

    And yet, what can be done? For months now, we have sat here on our hands with almost no power to effect or slow his now very disconcerting rise. Yelling into the internet via social media does nothing, just as fervent support of other candidates, talking with like-minded friends, or even engaging Trump supporters does nothing more than underline the powerlessness of those who would oppose what he represents. It seems there’s just no winning with this guy. However...

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