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    drake made a movie

    Is an album next?

    by daniel barna February 12, 2015

    Photo via Getty images

    In recent months, Drake was spotted shooting some kind of movie all over his Toronto hometown. I should know — I live here, and received multiple texts saying "OMG I just saw Drake shooting some kind of movie all over his Toronto hometown!"

    Most Drizzy insiders — and there are many here — suggested he was making the first video for his long-awaited Views From The 6 record. They were wrong. Drake was actually shooting a 15 minute art film called Jungle, which he released via Twitter Thursday morning. All the classic Drake-isms are here: introspective musings, sullen looks, late night car rides, grainy home movies, and the CN Tower. 

    At the 6:06 mark, we get a snippet of a brand new Drake banger, which will presumably be featured on his upcoming album, or that long-rumored mixtape we've heard so much about. Either way, the year of Drake officially starts now. Watch Jungle below. 


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