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    Dylan Penn, Sean And Robin Wright's Daughter, Is Now A Star

    entering the family business

    by jordan riefe 2015-11-13T13:45:00-05:00

    Photographed by Beth Garrabrant, sweater by Topshop, black skinny jeans by Topshop, shoes by L'F

    Maybe with movie-star parents like Sean Penn and Robin Wright, Dylan Penn was bound to find herself in front of a film camera sooner or later. She started out modeling, learned the camera loves her, and then found herself covered in blood and slime for her feature debut, the inventive horror-comedy, Condemned, in theatres November 13. In it, Penn plays Maya, a Midwestern runaway who moves in with her wannabe rock-star boyfriend in an abandoned building on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. (Do such things still exist? We think not.) While her neighbors include junkies, masochists, and drag queens by day, their wild side comes out at night when toxic chemicals turn them into bloodthirsty maniacs. Getting your start in a campy horror is basically Hollywood's version of a debutante ball. 

    On a low-budget horror flick, the set is a little different than those you’ve visited with your parents.
    I kind of expected it to not be so luxurious. It was kind of great. I think all the actors and crew benefitted from that, 'cause it made it like we’re all in it together. We’re all on top of each other in this one building, nobody has a trailer or their own space. So it was kind of like being at summer camp, in a way. I don’t know if I want to do that every time when I make movies, but it was fun.

    I doubt you’ve had neighbors quite as bad as the ones in the movie, but any come close?
    The third place I lived in by myself, I was with two girlfriends in a house and both sides of our house were apartment buildings. One side was a self-proclaimed drug dealer and I was seeing drug deals being done every night, the pass off. And on the other side was this woman that was an older lady, very sweet but very nosey and constantly looking over, coming by our house. I think that scared me more than anything else.

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